Monthly subscription plan for driver wellness support

Digital Insurance, an employee benefits-only agency, is now offering the Drive Well product as part of its suite of Digital Advantage offerings. Digital Advantage encompasses exclusive benefits for customers, including guaranteed issue (no underwriting), a simplified enrollment process and longer rate guarantees, the company said.

Digital developed Drive Well in partnership with Careington International to provide truck, bus and other commercial drivers with a low-priced member and family platform of health and wellness programs, including online physician access, weight loss management, telemedicine consultation, health care screenings/assessments, radiology test scheduling, hearing and prescription discounts and reduced pricing for diabetic supplies.

The Drive Well offering includes the company’s Aeroflow sleep apnea testing and treatment package, a one-stop referral source for complete sleep testing and treatment. Members have access to a low-cost, in-home sleep test – and, if diagnosed with sleep apnea, have the opportunity to purchase a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine at a discounted rate for treatment.

“Sleep disorders are a major issue for commercial drivers,” said Wayne Mertel, vice president of integrated solutions at Digital Insurance. “Drivers may soon be mandated to prove they undergo periodic testing – or pay substantial fines and/or have their licenses suspended. This is a fantastic way to help drivers stay healthy and ensure safety on the road for everyone. Drive Well further advances Digital’s focus on overall wellness and its ability to bring innovative benefits solutions to the market.”

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