Move It, Buddy!

The American Trucking Associations has taglines such as “Trucking Moves America Forward” and “If You Bought It, a Trucker Brought It.”

For over 125 years now, the trucking industry has been moving freight including the necessities of life and the luxury items of our desire.

Parts of our industry ascribe to the lessons of W. Edwards Demming—sort, set in order, shine, standardize and stabilize. That’s the part of our industry that is slow to change. Other parts of our industry want to disrupt everything we do, wanting to identify, imagine, investigate, improve, and implement. Nothing is good enough, fast enough, cheap enough for those that illustrate deficiencies.

I came across a graphic from CB Insights (at right), a company that tracks venture capital investments in startups.

Another graphic, pictured below, highlights a number of companies involved in trucking for telematics, platooning, and driver assistance.

Trucking is a fascinating industry that deals with the most basic things, such as greasing a wheel bearing and tightening a nut to the latest in technology for 360 degree visibility and autonomous vehicles.

Stick around. It ain’t over yet. Move It, Buddy!


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