OOIDA pushes for uniform Idaho speed limits

The Owner-Operator  Independent Drivers Assn. has issued a “call to action” to truckers urging  those who live or drive through Idaho to contact state legislators to ask for  their support of state senate bill S1229 that will rid the state of speed  differentials by authorizing trucks to travel 75 mph on Interstate highways.  Currently, trucks are limited to 65 mph.Discussion on the bill to do away with split speed limits on  Idaho Interstates, originally schedule for last week, has been moved to tomorrow  at 1:30 p.m. in Room WW53 in the state capitol building.

On Feb. 2, a committee voted 5-4 to hold onto the bill to  rid the state of speed differentials by authorizing trucks to travel 75 mph on Interstate  highways. Trucks now are limited to 65 mph along those stretches while all  other vehicles can travel 75 mph.

The majority of Senate Transportation Committee members said  at the time they were not convinced the change is necessary. But there is still  a chance the bill could advance from committee, according to OOIDA.

The committee is expected to vote on Thursday to advance  S1229 with the intention it will be amended on the Senate floor. The expected  change would reduce the speed gap by allowing trucks to go 70 mph.

Members of the Senate Transportation Committee need to know  that by having vehicles travel at or near the same speed, the need for passing,  lane changes, tailgating, and other maneuvers that create opportunities for  drivers to make mistakes is minimized, OOIDA said.

“This isn’t rocket science,” an OOIDA representative said in  the call to action. “It is vital that we get this message to lawmakers because  they will most definitely be hearing from those opposed to any effort that  would result in higher speed limits for trucks. An email and a phone call could  do wonders to help ensure lawmakers support this important effort.”

OOIDA provides the following links to legislative contact  forms for Senate Transportation Committee members:

Sen.  James Hammond, chairman (bill sponsor) http://legislature.idaho.gov/about/contactmembersform.cfm?ID=86
    Sen.  Bert Brackett, vice chairman
    Sen.  Steve Bair
    Sen.  Diane Bilyeu
    Sen.  Tim Corder
    Sen.  Shawn Keough
    Sen.  John McGee
    Sen.  Elliot Werk
    Sen.  Chuck Winder

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