Paperless option to managing drug testing

National Drug Screening has launched a paperless way to manage required pre-employment and employee drug testing. The company’s electronic custody and control form (eCCF) is for collection sites that collect urine for drug testing, laboratories that test the urine specimens, Medical Review Officers (MRO's) that review drug test results, employers required to conduct drug testing and third party administrators (TPA's) that manage DOT drug testing programs for employers.

The U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) approves laboratories to electronically process drug tests for employees regulated by the Dept. of Transportation (DOT).  The approval insures that significant information security and technology related processes are in place to protect individual privacy concerns. The use of the new electronic custody and control form (eCCF) will speed up the DOT drug testing process for employers, the company said.

There will be fewer mistakes in the collection process and turnaround times will be faster, it added.

National Drug Screening (NDS), a TPA that manages DOT drug testing programs for employers; has new software systems available to provide for the secure electronic ordering of DOT drug testing by DHHS approved laboratories – Alere Toxicology and Quest Diagnostics.  National Drug Screening can service DOT regulated employers with over 3000 electronically enabled collection sites in the Alere Toxicology and Quest Diagnostics nationwide systems.

The NDS web based software solution allows for ordering of the DOT drug test, status updates, MRO review of results along with electronic delivery and web based storage of the final completed DOT drug test results.  The system called MRO Results Online also provides for full management of DOT required random testing and random consortium drug testing programs.

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