Petro-Canada launches PC-11 campaign

Effort seeks to build industry awareness around new truck engine oils

NASHVILLE. Petro-Canada Lubricants is rolling out a PC-11 engine oil awareness campaign dubbed “Here Comes the Future” at the 2016 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) annual meeting in Nashville, TN; designed to increase industry awareness regarding how the new truck engine oils may impact heavy duty vehicle operators as they enter the market in December this year.

Howard McIntyre, VP-lubricants for Suncor, which owns Petro-Canada, said in a statement that anew website,, will be launched in March as part of the campaign to provide a “comprehensive guide” to the new the new blends of thinner, lower viscosity engine oil grades.

He added that the new PC-11 category will include two-tiers of engine oils, with PC-11A to be formally known as API CK-4, which will be an upgrade to the current lubricant specification and will be completely backwards-compatible with older diesel engine oil categories.

The second category, PC-11B, will be known as FA-4 and will have limited backwards compatibility due to their focus on a lower high temperature high shear range, which enables major fuel economy benefits without sacrificing engine protection, McIntyre said.

“We want to address the key questions that are being asked by the industry to support them in making informed decisions,” McIntyre noted. “PC-11 engine oils have been developed with increased durability at the forefront of the specification, meaning greater engine protection for longer periods and fewer oil changes, which will result in a reduction in downtime for heavy duty vehicles – a major source of lost income.”

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