U.S. export volumes surging

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). That figure was 33.53% above the level in 2009, with export volumes growing at an annualized rate of 15.6% compared to 2009.T

he agency said that at that pace, U.S. export volumes should double by the end of 2014. It also noted that the U.S. exported $178.8 billion in goods and services in December alone last year – an increase of $1 billion over November 2011.

The BEA highlighted major export markets with the largest annualized increase in U.S. goods purchases, which were: Turkey (43.6%), Panama (38.6%), Honduras (35%), Argentina (33.2%), Hong Kong (31.7%), Chile (30.3%), Peru (30%), Brazil (28.3%), South Africa (28%), and Guatemala (26.6%).

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