Winter Storm Juno upends transportation in the Northeast

Winter Storm Juno upends transportation in the Northeast

A major winter storm – already being dubbed the “blizzard of 2015” by CNN – dumped up to three feet of snow in some areas of the Northeast while accompanied by hurricane-force winds.

The region affected by what’s being dubbed “Winter Storm Juno” initially stretched from Virginia into Maine, with many like Massachusetts instituting state-wide travel bans. Snowvfall totals ranged from 10 inches to close to 30 inches in some areas, according to forecasters.

However, the New England area ended up being “ground zero” for most of the worst winter weather.

Though the impact of the storm proved mixed for many major cities in the Northeast – New York City in particular got spared the full wrath of the blizzard – most state governors took no chances and began instituting emergency plans early.

 “As New York State prepares for a major snowstorm, I am declaring a State of Emergency to ensure local governments have the tools and resources they need to respond quickly and effectively,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement yesterday.

“With forecasts showing a potentially historic blizzard for Long Island, New York City, and parts of the Hudson Valley, we are preparing for the worst and I urge all New Yorkers to do the same – take this storm seriously and put safety first,” he added. “If leaving work early is an option, I urge residents in downstate communities to do so and stay off roads and our public transit networks as we brace for the storm’s impact.”

New York and New Jersey are already lifting their travels bans  as Juno begins moving out to sea.

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