Your Feb. 6 Pre-Trip: Trucking cuts 1,400 jobs; Truck hurling, a new sport?

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. Trucking sheds 1,400 jobs in January

JOC reports that for-hire trucking companies in the U.S. cut 1,400 jobs in January. According to the report, transportation companies as a whole underperformed in the private sector. “The sequential slip in trucking employment was relatively slight and most likely reflects more relaxed, post-holiday freight demand,” the report states. “However, this was the first January since 2010 when trucking employment numbers did not rise, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data released Friday.” JOC has more.

2. Navy launches trucks off aircraft carrier

How does the Navy go about testing its jet catapult system on an aircraft carrier when it doesn’t want to put multi-million dollar planes at risk? According to Uproxx, it’s simple: Launch trucks into the ocean and “accidentally create an incredibly awesome new sport.” This video is a must-see.

3. Webinar: Intermodal Freight Connectors – Issues and Needs

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration will hold a webinar on Feb. 15, titled Intermodal Freight Connectors – Issues and Needs. The webinar will feature discussion about a nearly completed national-level freight intermodal connectors study, and regional coordination efforts between public sector agencies and intermodal facility owners to monitor and address intermodal connector needs. Register for it and similar Talking Freight Webinars.

4. Companies look to autonomous trucks, drones for deliveries

Companies like FedEx and Amazon are looking into the possibility of using robotics, autonomous driving and drones to deliver goods and packages going forward. The Merkle claims that for operations such as delivering goods, consumers shouldn’t have to go through a “burdening process.” “It should really be as easy as ordering an Alexa app or a Google Home device to send an order and have an autonomous drone or truck to deliver goods at precise locations,” according to the report.

5. Trucking, one of the ‘hottest’ jobs for 2017

According to the Nebraska Dept. of Labor, one of the hottest jobs for 2017 is in trucking. The Omaha World-Herald reports that statistics show not only a high demand for truck drivers, but also for people who can dispatch trucks, handle freight, repair vehicles, and provide other types of support. The report notes that Nebraska companies are looking to fill 798 of those jobs this year. The World-Herald has more.

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