Your July 2 Pre-Trip: Trucksignz owner raises awareness for veterans

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. Eric Schmaltz, who owns Trucksignz, a company that makes signs for the trucking industry, is making signs for this holiday weekend to raise awareness for veterans who suffer from PTSD. And, according to a report from Fox 10 News Phoenix, fireworks can trigger PTSD among veterans. Schmaltz, who heard about the condition and decided to make signs to raise awareness for it, created one sign that indicates where a veteran lives so the neighbors in that area have a chance to celebrate respectfully and appropriately, the report said. Fox 10 stated: “Eric is offering his sign design free of charge to other signage or printing companies. He hopes the message will go viral, and help ease the stress many veterans feel this time of year.”

2. Michigan’s Senate on Wednesday approved a $1.5 billion spending plan that would improve the state’s deteriorating roads by raising fuel taxes, according to Battle Creek Enquirer. The plan would bring the 15-cents-a-gallon diesel tax up to gasoline’s 19-cent-a-gallon tax, and raise both over three years. Battle Creek Enquirer has more.

3. A recent audit revealed that Ohio’s Department of transportation’s fleet operation could save more than $1.7 million, WKBN reports. According to the report, the audit revealed three potential areas for savings – blended biodiesel, vehicle auctions and vehicle cycling practices. “The report suggests that ODOT should adopt optimizing fleet cycling guidelines that promote the most financially efficient operation of its fleet,” WKBN said. “By doing so, ODOT could save $1,411,756 in reduced operating costs and increased salvage values, the audit states.”

4. Transport for Christ, a religious organization that has been around since 1951, sets up mobile chapels (35 across the U.S., two in Russia and one in Zambia) to bring church service to truck drivers who spend long hours on the road, according to The Guardian. According to the report, the organization’s chaplains have a variety of jobs, but they mostly do outreach work. “They hold services, give sermons, offer spiritual counseling, and evangelize at truck stops, which they call ‘walking the lot,’” The Guardian wrote.

5. This July Fourth, AAA is partnering with a local wrecker service in Alabama to kick off its “Tow For Life” program, which offers towing services to prevent people from drinking and driving, Central Alabama News reports. According to the report, towing will be provided at no charge for up to 10 miles, but after 10 miles the customer is responsible for additional charges. You do not have to be a AAA member to use this service, the report said. The program kicks off Friday, July 3, and is available through midnight on July 4.

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