Your June 20 Pre-Trip: Push to replace older port trucks

Here are five things worth knowing today:

1. Push to replace older trucks at Port of New York and New Jersey

Last week, there was a push to replace older trucks operating at the Port of New York and New Jersey to reduce the impact of air pollution on nearby residents, according to a Journal of Commerce report. During a press conference, New Jersey politicians and activist groups called to reinstate the ban on trucks with engines from 2007 or earlier. JOC states that about 70% of the trucks that use the port would have to be replaced to meet those requirements. JOC has more.

2. Oregon pay-by-the-mile tax

Oregon lawmakers could consider a pay-by-the-mile road usage tax in 2017, The Oregonian reports. The state DOT launched a pilot project last July to test the tax as the state seeks revenue to supplement or replace the gas tax because drivers are paying less as cars become more fuel efficient. Thus far, the state has enrolled 891 drivers – only a fraction of the 5,000 volunteers state officials hoped would sign up – to test the program, according to the report. Oregon was the first state to test the concept. The Oregonian has more.

3. Passenger drone may fly over Nevada

The world’s first drone capable of autonomously carrying a person may test fly over Nevada later this year, according to EHang, based in China, and the state of Nevada are trying to move forward with testing the EHang 184 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle. According to the report, Nevada’s Institute for Autonomous Systems gave EHang permission to fly the drone, and the two are working through UAS flight requirements.

4. Nationwide electronic tolling system

Texas’ tolling authorities announced they will soon sign agreements with Oklahoma and Kansas agencies in an effort to create "smooth trips" on tollway bridges from El Paso to Kansas City, the Houston Chronicle reports. The move is expected to be part of a nationwide electronic tolling system. According to the report, the agreements would apply to vehicles outfitted with transponders from tolling companies and operate for all members in the agreement. The Chronicle has more.

5. Arkansas agency pushes back

According to the AASHTO Journal, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department is pushing back against newspaper cover and a fuel tax map that official says misrepresent the state’s road project revenue relative to neighboring states. AASHTO reports that the May 10 report from the Democrat-Gazette came out when the General Assembly was on a legislative deadline and struggling with how to increase transportation infrastructure funding. The newspaper’s map illustrated that the state’s per-gallon gas and diesel taxes were higher than neighboring states by at least 1.5 cents a gallon. AASHTO has more.

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