Ford Transit 3.7L achieves EPA certification

Alliance Autogas announced it has obtained the first EPA certification for the new Ford Transit.

“Our order queue has been off the charts even when the certification was pending,” said Ed Hoffman, president of Blossman Services. “The Ford Transit 3.7L Bi-Fuel autogas system conversion by far and away, is Alliances’ largest and most popular platform yet. The number of conversion requests exponentially exceed all prior platform conversion requests we’ve ever seen.”

“The Bi-Fuel system conversion on the Transit is precedent-setting in that no intake manifold drilling, cutting, or splicing of wiring is required.  The Ford Transit is the first engine to employ the ‘Plug and Play’ technology, reducing installation time in half, and ensuring consistent performance,” according to the company.

“Significant fuel cost savings of 35% or more are achieved without buying a new vehicle,” the company added. “The Bi-Fuel autogas system allows a fleet owner to operate wherever the fleet needs to be and eliminates range anxiety. Multiple tank options are available to meet all range requirements.”

All Transit conversions come with the quick connect refueling valves, the company said. The company added that this allows for "ultra-low emissions nozzles such as the Staubli GPV-14 to be utilized, greatly enhancing the end users' autogas experience."

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