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Marvin Fielder, a military veteran who now drives for Werner Enterprises, speaks at the White House.

Trump invites truckers to White House to praise tax cuts

Truck drivers and fleet executives were among the invitees to a White House event to praise President Trump’s tax cuts.

During the April 12 Rose Garden ceremony Trump said his administration was “defending the American worker.” He added that more than 5 million had already received a bonus or increase in their pay checks from the legislation he signed into law in December.

Trump said representatives of about 50 companies were on hand at the event, with several of them appearing alongside him at the podium.

One was truckload carrier Werner Enterprises. President and CEO Derek Leathers personally thanked Trump for the tax cuts, which helped fund a $127 million investment in new equipment, and a pay bump for 9,500 drivers. 

Also speaking was Werner driver and military veteran Quinton Ward, who told Trump “you care about truck drivers and we see that.”


Trump discusses the success of the tax cuts alongside representatives of Werner Enterprises.

Executives and employees Crete Carrier and TCW Inc. were also in attendance. All three fleets at the event are members of American Trucking Associations.

“In the past three months, I got raises that will provide me and my family over $4,000 annually,” Jeff Tetzloff, a driver for Crete, said in a statement issued by ATA. “The extra money in my check provides me and my family freedom and flexibility.”

ATA said a survey of member companies found that 50% of carriers were planning to increase wages or offer bonuses as a result of tax reform, and 47% were planning to invest their tax cuts in new equipment.

The federation held an event for Trump in Pennsylvania in October to rally support during the tax debate.

During his comments, Trump called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) one of the “worst trade deals” in history.

ATA has voiced its disagreement on this position with the president, saying that the trucking industries of the United States, Canada, and Mexico have all benefitted from NAFTA.

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