Grede showing off new alloy for truck components

LOUISVILLE. Cast-iron component supplier Grede is showcasing its SiboDur components this week at the Mid-America Trucking Show here.

SiboDur is an ultra-high-strength, lightweight ductile iron with a unique chemistry and process that offers durability and lightweight for chassis, powertrain and drivetrain components, including safety-critical systems.

According to Grede, SiboDur competes favorably with aluminum in terms of weight reduction and its high strength characteristics provide cost, fatigue life and manufacturability advantages over ADI (austempered ductile iron) and forged steel.

“SiboDur enables us to provide our heavy truck customers with cost-effective, lightweight solutions, while maintaining high structural performance and durability,” said Tony Lovell, vice president, global sales and marketing. “It also enables excellent product design optimization and parts integration capabilities given the higher mechanical properties versus competing materials that are cost prohibitive.”

The product is being tested worldwide in vehicle components, including safety-critical parts with high stress and torque requirements such as steering knuckles, differential cases, control arms, hubs, brackets, engine mounts, crankshafts and suspension links.

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