Tru-Cost Systems Slates Workshop

Tru-Cost Systems, LLC and the Maryland Motor Trucking Assn. will provide a “Costing Strategies for Profitability” workshop for trucking executives on October 19 at the BWI Sheraton Hotel in Baltimore, MD.

The workshop will provide information on methods for defining the cost and profit of a truck, traffic lane or customer; determining the profitability of current customers and how to create new pricing that will be profitable; and identifying problems in operating costs or productivity.

“We want transportation companies to know how to measure the effect of time, distance and the equipment used on a route-trip or customer so that they can effectively negotiate with their customers,” said Duff Swain, a member of Tru-Cost System, and president of Tricon Group.

Anyone interested in attending the seminar can contact the Maryland Motor Trucking Assn. at 410-644-4600.

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