Cube Route and Intermec team up

Cube Route and Intermec team up

Logistics services provider Cube Route has formed a partnership to leverage its visibility and routing capabilities with Intermec Technologies Corp.’s 700 series mobile computer. This will allow delivery or field service fleets to use features such as electronic signature capture, Bluetooth Global Positioning System (GPS) and package scanning.

For example, packaged ice products distributor Arctic Glacier will be able to provide its field workers with a single device that could manage companywide distribution, route accounting, provide real-time visibility, and capture data, Cube Route said.

“Our relationship with Intermec enables us to deliver the latest in mobile computing technology to field workers so organizations can differentiate their service and achieve greater efficiencies across their delivery options,” said Jeff Murphy, Cube Route’s vp of operations. “Drivers out on the road will be able to capture more data and run multiple applications concurrently on the Intermec device, facilitating more effective and efficient operations and improving customer service.”

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