Fleet Owner’s FleetSeek significantly ups fleet listings and enhances database features

FleetSeek has more than doubled its coverage by adding 200,000 more listings

Fleet Owner’s FleetSeek data-services operation has just increased its fleet listings and both added to and improved its already extensive contact and demographic data on each trucking operation in its system.

A state-of-the-art Internet search engine, FleetSeek gives subscribers 24/7 access to seamlessly integrated databases of trucking operations headquartered in North America.

FleetSeek has more than doubled its coverage by adding 200,000 more listings. These new listings are primarily of small fleets that run two to five power units. It should be noted that FleetSeek’s policy is to add only fleets whose data has been updated within the past two years.

“We are now offering our subscribers twice the number of fleets-- for-hire and private--- to expand their market reach significantly in this economic climate,” states Ron Roth, managing director of FleetSeek.

Also new to FleetSeek is this expanded range of data elements:

  • Mileage of fleet vehicles (annual total)
  • Mileage year
  • Drivers for the fleet (in total)
  • Number of drivers holding CDLs 
  • Haz-Mat trucks-- owned and leased
  • Haz-Mat trailers-- owned and Leased

Also now available are Actual Scores for CSA BASIC indicators and DOT Compliance Thresholds for:

  • Unsafe Driving
  • Hours-of-Service Compliance
  • Driver Fitness
  • Substance Abuse
  • Vehicle Maintenance

FleetSeek subscribers may perform selections on each of these-- as well as many other pre-existing selection options-- to isolate specific fleet groups for targeting or analysis.

“We’re availing our subscribers with additional data facts on each fleet to enhance their knowledge of the fleet operations,” points out Roth.

“These data elements will also provide additional means of market-segmenting the fleets through the selection processes built into the FleetSeek application,” he adds.

Subscribers will also find extrapolated analytical data for Average Truck Miles, Annual Fuel Use by Tractors, and Probable Minimum to Maximum Gallons Per Year.

“In all,” Roth sums up, “the new improvements and additional fleets signify FleetSeek’s continued commitment to providing the industry’s best data facts for and about the businesses of trucking.”

For more information on FleetSeek, email director of business development Carolee Harlin at: [email protected].


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