Toronto buys 150 hybrid buses

Toronto buys 150 hybrid buses

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will add 150 diesel-electric hybrid buses to its fleet next year in an effort to cut exhaust emissions and increase fuel savings.

These buses will be TTC’s first hybrid models and will give Toronto the largest hybrid electric fleet in Canada.

Orion VII buses, made by Orion Bus Industries, a unit of DaimlerChrysler, are already in use by New York City’s transit fleet.

According to Orion, the hybrids offer 25% to 35% better fuel economy than diesels, with 90% less particulate matter (PM), 40% lower NOx and a 30% reduction in greenhouse gases. In addition to faster acceleration, drivers should experience a quieter, smoother ride that is free of the frequent transmission shifts encountered in conventional buses, added Mark Brager, vp-sales.

The buses feature BAE Systems’ HybriDrive hybrid propulsion system, which uses a single electric motor powered by a diesel-driven generator and an energy storage unit.

The engine--the same model used in some pickup trucks--is smaller than those found in conventional buses and runs at optimum speed for clean operation and efficiency, explained Brager. Since there is no transmission, a major maintenance item has been eliminated.

See Diesel hybrid buses make inroads in New York City.

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