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Transfix launches Fleet Planner 2.0 to streamline the booking process

Feb. 4, 2021
The free, online tool aimed to making direct load booking easier will also automate communications capabilities for small and mid-sized carrier segments.

Transfix has launched Fleet Planner 2.0, a free, online tool for small and mid-sized carriers that grants access to a centralized platform for managing fleets, streamlining operations, and ultimately scaling their businesses.

Fleet Planner 2.0 aims to solve specific pain points experienced by small and midsize carriers that still rely on strenuous, manual load booking processes, and lack visibility into where their loads are in real time, not only increasing the risk of missing loads, but hindering their ability to book additional loads easily, and grow and scale to competitors.

“The second phase of Fleet Planner reflects our ongoing commitment to driving superior solutions for our partners across the supply chain. With this powerful update, small to midsize carriers can not only manage and centralize, but also grow their businesses,” said Lily Shen, CEO and President of Transfix. “Fleet Planner 2.0 represents the next build out in our robust ecosystem of technology solutions for our partners, unlocking massive opportunity for efficiency and scale.” 

In January, Transfix announced the launch of TrueView TMS, a modern and flexible transportation management system for small and mid-sized shippers, and in December 2020, the company announced it surpassed 400% annual growth for its drop freight business.

According to Transfix, carriers using Fleet Planner now have the power to seamlessly book loads directly in the platform, increasing profitability and driver take home pay. With Fleet Planner 2.0, carriers can also tap into new tools that automates communications. These features will be available alongside the mobile-friendly fleet management capabilities offered in the initial Fleet Planner rollout.

Key new features to the platform include:

  • Direct booking: Dispatchers can now bypass the hassle of managing multiple load boards by directly booking Transfix loads - and even backhauls - in just a few clicks.
  • Driver-led status updates: Fleet Planner now provides the ability to automatically prompt drivers for load status updates via mobile text, alleviating tedious back and forth communications between dispatchers and drivers.
  • Automated customer communication (launching on Feb. 9): For the first time in fleet management software history, dispatchers can send automatic, real-time updates to the end customer, allowing carriers to proactively manage expectations and ultimately enhance relationships with shipping partners.

Small carriers have already taken advantage of the new capabilities offered in Fleet Planner 2.0 and have experienced dramatic impacts on their operations.

"Ever since I started using Fleet Planner, it’s been heaven sent,” said a dispatcher and operations manager of a small fleet. “I don’t have to worry about where my trucks are. I was missing a lot of loads, misinformed of where my truck was, but when I started using Fleet Planner, my life had gotten times easier. Somebody’s calling me about a load, now I go to Fleet Planner and look. The ease of use on this platform is way better than what I’ve seen on other platforms."

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