Navistar Delivers 15 Durastar Hybrid Tractors To Powers Distributing

April 21, 2009
The streets of southeast Michigan have just become a little greener, thanks to Navistar’s recent delivery of 15 International DuraStar Hybrid beverage tractors

The streets of southeast Michigan have just become a little greener, thanks to Navistar’s recent delivery of 15 International DuraStar Hybrid beverage tractors to area beverage distributor Powers Distributing Co. Powers Distributing, a Michigan-based, family-owned company, purchased the trucks through Tri-County International Trucks Inc., Navistar’s franchise dealership for southeast Michigan. It is the largest order to date of International’s new hybrid beverage tractor by a beer distributor.

With the DuraStar Hybrid beverage tractor, Powers will build on its commitment to environmental leadership. The distributor will slash its diesel use on 15 routes by more than 25 percent, or approximately 12,500 gallons per year. In addition to the recent International DuraStar Hybrid purchase, Powers Distributing already has a fleet of nearly 50 trucks that were switched to biodiesel in 2008. Those older biodiesel trucks take another 10,000 gallons of diesel off the roads annually.

“Upgrading our fleet with the International DuraStar Hybrid is part of Powers’ commitment to using renewable resources and leaving Michigan cleaner, healthier and stronger for future generations,” said Powers President Gerald Powers.

In addition to reducing fuel use by up to 40 percent, the International DuraStar Hybrid also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Overall, the International DuraStar Hybrid emits up to 33 percent fewer hydrocarbon emissions and 35 percent fewer nitrogen oxide emissions compared with standard diesel trucks.

The International DuraStar Hybrid features an integrated hybrid power-train solution jointly developed by Navistar and Eaton Corporation. The trucks employ a hybrid technology that includes a 60-horsepower electric motor and 460-volt batteries, supplementing a MaxxForce DT 244-horsepower engine that runs on a biodiesel mix of up to 20 percent. The hybrid-electric system recovers energy during braking and can add power back into the driveline during starts and acceleration.

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