Cooltrax to monitor food safety at IDDBA conference

May 31, 2018
Learn how Cooltrax will monitor the temperature of all food brought in for the International Dairy Deli and Bakery Association conference.

Cold chain solutions company Cooltrax has been tasked with the responsibility of monitoring the food safety temperature of all food brought in for the International Dairy Deli and Bakery Association (IDDBA) conference with its groundbreaking wireless Fresh InTransit and Fresh InStore temperature monitoring solutions. The firm also will exhibit at IDDBA (Booth #5838).

For the past six years, IDDBA has trusted Cooltrax to monitor the refrigeration in compliance with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) standards for all food transported to the conference by truck, stored in their refrigerated trailers and served to thousands of show attendees and exhibitors. Attendee registration for 2018 has reached 10,000, and there are 800 exhibiting companies, including many large food distribution companies such as California Milk and Perdue.

This year, the IDDBA conference is being held June 8-12 in New Orleans LA, making the importance of proper food refrigeration crucial due to high heat and humidity of the area. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the average temperature of New Orleans in June is a high of 91° and a low of 74°, putting added stress on the refrigeration systems of food storage trailers. Many of these food trailers are brought in weeks before the conference, and the food remains inside until used.

IDDBA is relying on the Fresh InTransit and Fresh InStore temperature monitoring systems provided by Cooltrax to ensure the safety of all attendees who will be consuming the food and to greatly reduce spoiled food waste.

The Cooltrax Fresh InTransit solution allows independent temperature and product level monitoring in addition to the reefer trailer data. Trailer doors are opened and closed frequently, requiring close monitoring of food temperatures. If this temperature variation causes the product to be spoiled, the whole delivery can be rejected. The Fresh InStore solution automatically monitors temperature in real time for each store room. Temperature information is then monitored and any deviations from specification can be acted upon.

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