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Electric car in Colorado Photo: GCEA
Colorado aims to have a new regulation in place by May to require more sales of electric vehicles.

Colorado governor sign orders promoting electric vehicles

Jared Polis (D), the new governor of Colorado, has signed an executive order proposing the state pass a regulation that would require a gradual transition to zero-emissions vehicles.

“As we continue to move towards a cleaner electric grid, the public-health and environmental benefits of widespread transportation electrification will only increase,” Polis said. “Our goal is to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2040 and embrace the green energy transition already underway economy-wide.”

The move comes one month after the California Air Resources Board approved a measure requiring public transit agencies to transition to 100% zero-emission buses by 2040.

In Colorado, the executive order seeks to have a rule enacted by May that would force vehicle manufacturers to sell more electric cars within the state each year.

“Costs continue to drop, technology continues to improve, and an increasing number of automakers are marketing and designing a wide range of vehicles that support the Colorado lifestyle,” Polis wrote in the executive order.

As a first step, Polis has requested the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to propose new rules to the Air Quality Control Commission.

Officials in Colorado are expected to use some funds from the Volkswagen’s emissions penalty to improve the state’s charging infrastructure. Funds would also be utilized for electric school buses, work trucks, and mass transit.

The order was criticized by the Colorado Automobile Dealers Associations. Nine other states have also established similar electric requirements, based on guidelines developed by California.



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