Con-way Truckload opens IdleAir facility at Laredo terminal

Con-way Truckload has opened a dedicated IdleAir facility at its terminal in Laredo, Texas. The 19-space IdleAir facility provides in-cab services including air conditioning, heat, internet connectivity, DIRECTV, and 120V electricity.

Con-way Truckload is providing air conditioning and electricity at the facility at no cost to all company drivers and independent contractors.

“Over-the-road drivers are out for weeks at a time. Being able to create a comfortable and safe environment inside the truck is essential to a driver’s physical and mental health, which is something we take very seriously,” said Bert Johnson, vice president of human resources at Con-way Truckload. “IdleAir allows our drivers to have the same in-cab amenities as idling, but in a more sustainable and cost-effective way.”

IdleAir developed a customized facility designed around the needs of Con-way Truckload and its operation at the Laredo terminal. Con-way Truckload received a turnkey package of IdleAir services and support, and has already started to achieve meaningful idling reductions which have averaged more than 4,000 gals. per month, eliminating approximately 500 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Con-way Truckload is looking to expand its partnership with IdleAir at other terminal locations in 2015.

“We are proud to expand our relationship with Con-way Truckload as a fuel saving partner,” said Ethan Garber, CEO of IdleAir. “Con-way is an industry leader at maximizing the morale and productivity of its professional workforce, with one of the lowest driver turnover rates in long-haul trucking. Its selection of IdleAir to cost-effectively eliminate idling and improve driver comfort in the toughest climate in the U.S. fits its reputation for increasing efficiency and supporting environmentally responsible initiatives.”

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