Dometic kicks off show with Blizzard Turbo, new cooler

Dometic kicks off show with Blizzard Turbo, new cooler

LOUISVILLE. Comfort product provider Dometic Group is showing two new products this week at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

The Blizzard Turbo offers the highest BTUs of any air conditioner in its class, the company said. It can be powered by batteries, generator, or shore power and offers 7,000 BTUs of cooling. According to the company, when tested against competitors offering up to 10,000 BTUs, the dehumidification capacity of the unit – the actual “cool feel” of A/C output – showed the Dometic Blizzard Turbo with two to three times the cooling power.

“The Dometic Blizzard Turbo is the coolest, most powerful air conditioner for trucks on the market today, providing professional drivers with a whole new level of comfort when on the road,” said Jim Kerrigan, vice president of OEM sales, Dometic Commercial & Passenger Vehicle division. “The Blizzard Turbo is specially designed to meet the durability requirements of the over-the-road truck market, and has a highly favorable BTU to wattage ratio, making it an efficient choice for cooling.”

The Blizzard Turbo is a split system that puts the noise of the condenser unit on the outside of the truck while the quieter evaporator unit blows cool air within the cab interior. It includes a new higher efficiency dual-circuit evaporator coil, improved base pan design for efficient condensate drainage, internal electrical box with easy-start circuitry to minimize starting-current surge, and easy-access high & low pressure service ports on the exterior unit.

A centrifugal blower provides high air flow and high static-pressure performance. The blower is rotatable for vertical or horizontal discharge, which increases installation options.

Also at the show, Dometic showed a new Avalanche cooler for trucks.

The cooler features thick insulated walls, stainless-steel hardware, and rugged construction. It can keep food cold for 7 to 10 days, or keep hot food hot.

“On long-haul or short-haul trips, drivers want to keep plenty of drinks and food handy. The Avalanche cooler can be used with conventional ice or dry-ice to keep food cold up to 10 days. Or, a driver can also use the Avalanche to transport a hot meal and keep it hot,” said Kerrigan. “The Avalanche is a great way for truck drivers to have the comforts of home while on the road.”

The Avalanche is made of thick polyurethane insulation, with a freezer-style seal to lock in heat or cold. The lid of the cooler has molded cup holders to hold drinks. Molded handles make the cooler easy to transport. Draining water out of the unit is simple with a two-inch drain plug, on a stainless steel chain so it never gets lost. All-weather, heavy-duty “T” latches provide durability, and integrated stainless-steel hinges have auto lock.

The Avalanche comes in three models, the 35, 55 and 65 with storage capacities of 31.3, 49.7, and 62.1 quarts, respectively. The 35 and 55 models have four reversible skid/non-skid feet for use on any surface. The Avalanche 65 model has all-terrain wheels for easy maneuvering, as well as a stainless steel locking plate for maximum security. All Avalanche coolers come with a limited 7-year warranty.

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