Energy company launches natural gas transportation fuel business

Energy company Tenaska is launching a new fuel business focused on natural gas use in transportation.

Doug Clark, chairman of Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica), will lead the commercial activities of the new marketing and development company, called Tenaska NG Fuels (TNG Fuels).

TNG Fuels assist utilities and customers in the trucking, mining, railroad, vessel and other transportation industries to identify cost savings and meet changing environmental regulations. TNG Fuels also plans to help customers, manage commodity risk, build commercial arrangements and strategically site, develop and finance production and distribution facilities, the company said.

“Tenaska is well-equipped to meet the needs of this expanding natural gas fuels market,” said Jerry Crouse, Tenaska CEO and vice chairman. “We have customers that have looked to us for these services. What the industry needs and what we have to offer are a great match – natural gas pipeline and downstream logistics expertise, a strong record of energy project siting and development, and a commitment to customer service in a credit-worthy package.”

Clark is the former president of the Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD) in Omaha, NE, one of the first municipal utilities to contract with a third party to market LNG, Tenaska said.

“The recent proliferation of shale gas production in the United States has made the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel very attractive compared to the traditional diesel fuel used in many types of engines,” Clark said. “MUD saw this and set out to be the leading provider of NG fuels to the transportation industry in the Midwest. I was pleased to lead MUD’s early entry into the market and look forward to leveraging Tenaska’s international reach and strong reputation in the energy industry to develop and expand NG fuels markets.”

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