Maine dealer to distribute Idle Free Systems APU

Idle Free Systems has signed an agreement with O’Connor Motor Company to offer its Complete Electric Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Solution and its Heat System for Work Trucks. O’Connor has locations in Portland and Augusta, Maine, and offers Hino, Isuzu, Mack, Volvo and Western Star vehicles.

“O’Connor is one of the most recognized names in commercial fleet sales for both small and large businesses,” said Dan Doiron, general manager of O’Connor’s Heavy Duty Division. “This alliance with Idle Free will provide us with a key differentiator while helping our customers grow their businesses in a smart and environmentally friendly way.”

Idle Free electric APUs can be powered three different ways: 

  • An independent battery bank consisting of four AGM batteries that capture energy produced by the engine’s alternator and stores it and when the truck’s engine is off converts the stored energy into 120 volt electricity using a pure sine wave inverter;
  • Shorepower, which is standard on every Idle Free system, allows drivers unlimited run-time when plugged into all-weather electrical outlets being deployed across North America;
  • Reefer Link, Idle Free’s proprietary, patented technology run by the reefer. When connected to the reefer, the driver will have unlimited run-time of his Idle Free APU. 

Additionally, Idle Free APUs use a coolant heater as a fully integrated component of the system providing heat for both the cab and bunk as well as the engine block.

Idle Free’s Heat System for Work Trucks, designed for the day cab or work truck market, provides up to eight hours of interior cab heat with the truck engine turned off. Additionally, the system provides 12 volt electrical power for work truck functions, such as running lights or communication systems. An engine start module (ESM), similar to an ultracapacitor, is fully integrated into the system and part of the unique design of the system can start the truck even if the truck batteries are dead.

“We are extremely proud to announce this relationship with O’Connor Motors, a partner who believes in the quality and performance of the Idle Free systems,” said Robert Hopton, CEO, Idle Free Systems. “It is exciting to partner with strong, well established companies who recognize the value Idle Free brings to their companies and their customers.”

Idle Free APUs are CARB compliant and EPA SmartWay verified. They provide air conditioning and heat; 120-volt electricity for televisions, computers, and other hotel needs; and keeps the truck engine warm when the engine is off.

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