Maryland bakery incorporates propane autogas vehicles into fleet

With the help of a Maryland Clean Cities Coalition grant from the Maryland Energy Administration, H&S Bakery is incorporating propane autogas vehicles into its fleet. The firm expects to convert about 10% of its 600-plus vehicle fleet to the fuel over the next two years.

Family-owned H&S Bakery and its affiliates are comprised of 14 divisions operating in seven states, with distribution in 23 states.

“We want our customers and community to know that we are investing in them and working hard to meet our sustainability goals,” said Chuck Paterakis, vice president of transportation and logistics for H&S Baking. “With propane autogas, we’re doing just that with a domestically produced fuel that lowers emissions across our delivery area.”

The autogas fleet will reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 60%, nitrogen oxide by 20% and greenhouse gases by up to 25% compared to gasoline, the fleet said. Over its lifetime, each of H&S Bakery’s Roush CleanTech Ford F-59 trucks will eliminate about 117,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions from the company’s carbon footprint.

The company has installed a private refueling station that includes an 18,000-gal. underground propane tank. The station is located outside of H&S Bakery’s new eco-friendly distribution center, which has achieved two Green Stars through the Baltimore City Green Building Standards.

“Propane autogas provides an economic, environmental and competitive advantage for America’s industry leaders like H&S Bakery," said Todd Mouw, vice president of sales and marketing for Roush CleanTech. “With the adoption of autogas, H&S reduces fuel and maintenance costs, and helps lessen Maryland’s reliance on imported oil.”

AmeriGas will provide the propane.

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