Mobile object detection system designed for drop-and-hook operations

Mobile object detection system designed for drop-and-hook operations

An enhanced object detection system now makes it easy for fleets running drop-and-hook operations to connect trailers with tractors.

The SenseStat Wireless obstacle detection sensor system automatically pairs the switched trailer to the monitor in the tractor. The system then provides both an audible alarm and an intuitive visual display any time a driver is backing up.

When outfitted with SenseStat Wireless, every vehicle becomes capable of providing the driver accurate distance measurements (to within an inch) of the closest object to the trailer’s bumper, Mobile Awareness said.

“It’s a win-win for drivers and fleet managers,” said Nico Cottone, vice president of business development for manufacturer Mobile Awareness. “Drivers are more efficient when backing up and fleet managers are saving money in fewer repair bills.”

The SenseStat system can also be used on the top corners of trailers, providing a warning of overhangs, overpasses and tree limbs.

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