National Guard soldiers save trucker injured in accident

Seven Indiana National Guard members rendered emergency medical care to a truck driver severely injured in a truck roll-over accident, saving him from bleeding to death.

According to a Fox News report, elements of the 81st Troop Command were part of a convoy traveling to Machesney Park, Ill., for a training exercise when they saw the semi truck flip over.

“I slammed on the brakes. We were kind of in shock briefly,” said Sgt. 1st Class James McCord, who was driving a van carrying the guardsmen at the rear of the convoy when they saw the accident happen.

 “All the sudden, we see this semi flip over. It’s just like something you see in a movie,” said Sgt. 1st Class Sunshine Parra-Butt.

The driver of the semi managed to escape the vehicle, but the soldiers noticed “there was a huge open gash on his right leg,” McCord said.

Parra-Butt tied a T-shirt around the driver’s leg to stop the bleeding, then Master Sgt. Michelle Carney — a trained combat medic — worked quickly to apply a tourniquet.

“Sgt. Parra-Butt came back over the radio and said someone was hurt and needed a medic. [We] got out of the vehicle and ran alongside the highway to the accident site,” Carney said.

The soldiers provided emergency medical aid and helped prepare the driver for an air ambulance.

“I truly believe that man is going to survive this because my soldiers were there to apply the tourniquet and render the aid that was necessary to save that gentleman’s life,” Carney said.

To see video interviews with the soldiers, click here.

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