Sting nets 163 for aggressive driving around big rigs

Sting nets 163 for aggressive driving around big rigs

A two-day sting in Oregon targeting aggressive driving around big rigs netted 216 traffic stops and 163 citations, according to a WGW News report. The operation was conducted by deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the Oregon Dept. of Transportation.

Using a semi truck traveling up and down a seven-mile stretch of Interstate 5 near the Highway 217 interchange, deputies observed how drivers interacted with it. WGW News had cameras rolling during the sting.

“Overall, we’re looking for aggressive driving patterns; following too close, dangerous lane changes, unsignaled lane changes, cutting trucks off - things of that nature,” Sgt. Tim Tennenbaum told WGW News. “If you’re involved in a crash with a truck, the potential for injury is much, much more significant.”

The most common citations issued during the sting were for tailgating, speeding, making unsafe lane changes and cutting the truck off, according to deputies. One driver was pulled over for making four different unsafe, unsignaled lane changes.

“The biggest concern is, aggressive driving causes crashes and crashes cause injury and death on our highways,” Tennenbaum said.

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