Aljex integrates with uFollowit mobile apps

GPS data, notifications and proof-of-delivery (POD) documents from uFollowit smartphone applications will now automatically populate Aljex Software screens thanks to a new integration.

Aljex is a provider of hosted operations software for the transportation industry while uFollowit offers document management, tracking, and POD services.

The uFollowit Mobile Apps smartphone software brings the benefits of onboard computing and mobile communications to the powerful phones that most drivers now carry, the company said. Mobile Apps enables brokers and carriers to track loads as well as receive real time notifications, delivery signatures, and transportation documents.

Among the apps is uFollowit’s Mobile TTS (truck stop scanning). With Mobile TTS, a driver uses the camera built into a qualifying smartphone to copy transportation documents. Those images are then transmitted to uFollowit.

“As document images flow into our system, we analyze and store them, make sure they’re good enough. Then they flow directly into the Aljex system for processing. This eliminates steps for the broker or carrier,” said Danny Dever, vice president, sales for uFollowit.

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