Aljex launches intermodal management system

Aljex Software has launched Vision Intermodal, a rail intermodal management system within the Aljex Vision hosted software.

Vision Intermodal tracks each individual step in the door-to-door sequence of the rail intermodal process, with each step color-coded on the Aljex screen, the company said.

“We’ve chosen colors from traffic lights to deliver messages that everyone gets instantly. Red is bad, green is good, and yellow is a warning. It doesn’t get any easier than that,” said Aljex CEO Tom Heine. “Each leg of a trip is color coded so a user can instantly see if there is a problem,” he said. For example, Heine noted, a red cell means nothing has happened yet; a yellow cell shows that it’s in process; a green cell indicates that portion of the move is completed.”

The software uses electronic data interchange, which Heine said is the logistics language of railroads as well as major shippers. “That means communications with customers, railroads and drayage agents are largely electronic,” he said. “Everything comes in and out electronically, exceptions are color coded, and automated emails alert when there is a problem.”

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