All-in-one onboard computing platform offers fleet management functionality

FleetMind Solutions has unveiled a new all-in-one fleet management solution this week at the Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo 2013 in Montreal. FleetLink Lite is said to deliver essential fleet management functionality in an affordable package for fleets.

“When we think of waste fleet vehicles, we typically think of residential waste collection trucks,” said Martin Demers, CEO of FleetMind. “In reality, waste fleets can include transfer, delivery, roll-off and supervisor trucks. All of these are part of a fleet organization and need to be connected to the back office at all times. While they may not need our full-blown FleetLink system, they still want essential fleet management capabilities for improved accessibility, productivity and sustainability. FleetLink Lite is designed to address these essential fleet management needs in a compact and affordable package.”

FleetLink Lite is a 7-in. mobile onboard computer terminal with touchscreen. It includes FleetMind’s core capabilities with real-time vehicle telemetry through the truck’s CANBUS and seamless integration with the back office. It features an Intel ATOM Z510PT based platform, GB Ethernet, CAN interface, multiple wireless technologies and a Windows 7 operating system.

“With FleetLink Lite you can still improve productivity and profitability with important elements such as electronic run sheets, service verification, real-time vehicle tracking, reporting and alarms. FleetLink Lite can also connect easily to onboard scales and will integrate readily with your existing back-office system. It can be deployed in parallel with other FleetLink products and is compatible with legacy FleetLink installations,” said Demers.

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