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Jeff Davis, head of smart transportation, innovation and development at BlackBerry, at CES 2020.

BlackBerry combines AI and machine learning to create connected fleet security solution

Jan. 14, 2020
BlackBerry Cylance artificial intelligence and BlackBerry QNX technologies unite to increase vehicle safety and security. The company is looking for OEMs and fleets to partner with as it builds out the technology.

You rarely see a BlackBerry in someone's hands these days. But the company is banking on its strong history with security and technology to make fleet managers want to see BlackBerry inside vehicles.

BlackBerry Limited has created a customizable concept solution that OEMs and fleet managers can use for vehicle health and security to future-proof vehicles, accelerate development timelines and reduce the cost of moving projects from research to production and onto roads.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software, BlackBerry's cybersecurity and automotive embedded systems teams created a solution to increase safety and security on vehicles. The connected solution can tell which member of a fleet is driving a vehicle based on their unique driving behaviors, which it starts learning the moment a driver turns on the engine.

BlackBerry integrated its Cylance's AI and ML technologies with BlackBerry QNX solutions, which are currently embedded in more than 150 million cars on the road today.

Almost like a fingerprint, all drivers have unique behaviors. And this BlackBerry platform can be used to make sure the right driver is in the correct truck or that an unauthorized driver or vehicle isn't on the road. 

"From a fleet level, what this platform provides is a total security overview of what's happening both physically within the vehicle, safety-wise within the vehicle, and probably most important — and what I think has been ignored most over time — is what's happening cybersecurity-wise in the vehicle," Jeff Davis, head of smart transportation, innovation and development at BlackBerry, said while sitting an Range Rover equipped with the technology on the exhibit floor at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

Davis says the "security and liability" are part of the BlackBerry DNA. "We actually want fleet purchasers, who probably have the biggest voice when it comes to OEMs, asking: "Is there BlackBerry inside my vehicle?"

The modular and flexible system will allow vehicle-makers and fleet managers to activate just the features they want or use their data or pre-built AI/ML models to create an aggregate view of the health of their vehicles from a single console. Fleet owners could create their own "app store" for drivers with organization-specific programs on the BlackBerry QNX platform. 

It also can automate software patches, continuously authenticate drivers and proactively address cybersecurity threats using both Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technology. 

"Let's say you had a delivery app you wanted to add on to your vehicles. They could go ahead and upload that right onto their vehicle itself and know that it's actually safe and secure," Davis told Fleet Owner at CES. "And then that is being continuously scanned. In addition to that, we're using CylancePROTECT, to actually ensure that from endpoint to endpoint, that every piece of security and piece of communication that's happening is happening in a secure environment. So it's a zero-trust environment that's created with that."

Davis said that BlackBerry is looking for fleets and OEMs to partner with "to do some proof of concept" on the platform and "build-out some new ideas."

BlackBerry Cylance artificial intelligence and BlackBerry QNX technology details:

  • Built on the ISO 26262 safety-certified BlackBerry QNX Hypervisor, providing a secure and reliable foundation for safety-critical applications.

  • Leverages threat detection technologies from CylancePROTECT to predict, prevent, detect, and remediate advanced malicious threats and malware in the vehicle infotainment system

  • Integrates the contextual analysis engine from CylanceOPTICS to provide the capability to proactively scan the vehicle for signs of trouble or software anomalies before they lead to maintenance issues, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, or accidents.

  • Uses behavioral monitoring techniques from CylancePERSONA to ensure the identity of the vehicle's driver is known and trusted in relation to their driving profile.

  • Provides insights into cybersecurity and operational events on vehicle(s) and complete remediation through a fully customizable Vehicle Operations Center.

  • Incorporates the BlackBerry Jarvis cloud-based static binary code scanning solution to identify vulnerabilities in software used in automobiles.

  • Includes the BlackBerry OTA Software Update Management Service, a proven, reliable and secure OTA update service, to allow preventative software maintenance over the lifetime of a car, allowing automakers to deliver new capabilities to millions of end-users simultaneously.

  • Leverages BlackBerry UEM for the deployment of malware-free applications to managed vehicles.

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