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Beemac Logistics deploys Trucker Tools for real-time communications

June 3, 2020
This launch allows for automated shipment tracking and digital document management to reduce manual ‘check calls,’ and increase timeliness and quality of shipment in-transit data with real-time app-based GPS load tracking.

Beemac Logistics (Beemac) has deployed several of Trucker Tools' cloud-based applications and tools, and is leveraging the company’s mobile driver app to streamline communications and interactions with truckload operators.

Beemac, which uses McLeod’s PowerBroker as its core transportation management system (TMS), has integrated its TMS with two Trucker Tools offerings, and is using the company’s mobile driver app to improve carrier tracking compliance and accuracy.

The current deployment includes:

  • Real-time shipment tracking:  Beemac brokers and shippers gain near-instant visibility to truckload moves in transit. Utilizing the Trucker Tools mobile driver app, and the embedded GPS features of the driver’s smartphone, automated shipment location updates are transmitted as frequently as every 5 minutes. Truckers moving Beemac loads can set tracking updates automatically, relieving them of manual calls and texts seeking shipment status. Updates are sent into Beemac’s TMS, where they can be viewed by Beemac’s customer service agents, as well as by shippers. The visibility app also provides updated ETAs and facilitates direct communication with drivers.
  • Digital document management: Truckers often struggle to get critical shipping documents to brokers and shippers in a timely and complete manner.  With Trucker Tools digital document management, drivers, using their smartphone, can scan key documents and transmit them electronically, where they flow directly into Beemac’s TMS. This helps speed transaction processing and accelerates payment. In addition, since the transaction takes place over a secure, private, closed-loop network, truckers are protected against fraudulent activity such as “double-brokering," according to Trucker Tools.

According to Michael Ceravolo, Beemac’s chief commercial officer, partnering with Trucker Tools was consistent with Beemac’s overall technology strategy:

  • To boost efficiency with cost-effective technologies
  • Improve data quality and timeliness
  • Provide differentiated capability enabling Beemac to stand out from the competition – and with its carriers

“Trucker Tools had the functionality we wanted,” Ceravolo said. “It’s a proven platform, enjoys deep support both from brokers and carriers, and with the integration tools already built and available with McLeod, it was a no-nonsense plug and play deployment."

He added that the Trucker Tools mobile driver app, with its automated processes, intuitive workflows, and a multitude of 17 driver-focused features and functions, was the largest differentiator.

“As the market has shifted and shippers demand more and more real-time tracking, truckers don’t want to download multiple apps that only do one thing,” said Ceravolo. “When we polled our network, the Trucker Tools app stood out as preferred because of its ease of use, and the many features that make drivers more efficient and life on the road easier for them. That’s critical and will become even more so as capacity tightens.”

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