PC*Miler 26 with upgrades announced

June 18, 2012

PC*Miler 26, with more effective route visualization and customization, has been released by ALK Technologies. The new release features interactive map features, fastest routing, RouteSync functionality for route compliance, and more, according to ALK.

New interactive features include satellite imagery, new map styles to customize the look and feel of the maps, additional zoom levels for more granular framing of the map window, and drag routing.

The new fastest routing type allows users to take advantage of real-time and historical traffic information, provided by INRIX, to find the fastest route to the destination. These routes may be longer in distance but are less congested compared to the standard PC*Miler practical and shortest routes, ALK said.

PC*Miler|Traffic real-time, predictive and historical traffic speed data can also be used for more accurate transit times and ETAs with all routing types. Users can set the time of departure, or desired time of arrival, day-of-week and time-of-day to calculate more accurate ETAs. For additional optimization, according to ALK, fastest routes are considered when least cost routing is generated. RouteSync ensures operational consistency between dispatched routes and actual routes, delivering the guidance to drive the miles that are being billed. With RouteSync, routes and preferences are sent from PC*Miler in the back office directly to the latest version of ALK’s CoPilot Truck navigation software in the cab. In addition to maintaining route compliance, RouteSync reduces non-revenue mileage, improves load profitability and increases driver satisfaction. 

“We’re excited about what has been accomplished with the release of PC*MILER 26,” said Michael Bodden, chief technology officer, ALK Technologies. “Our two core products that were separate historically have been connected with RouteSync. This is a milestone that will, along with the powerful RouteMatrix functionality in PC*Miler|Connect, significantly benefit our customers and partners.”

Users can also now interactively verify and edit imported custom places using the map. There are four new toll discount programs in PC*Miler | Tolls. Also included are time zone designations in the route entry window and the ability to generate custom road and geofencing reports. 

PC*Miler 26 integrates nationwide improvements including the verification of truck routing attributes and the addition of newly constructed roads along with their exit interchanges. Throughout Canada, the accuracy of street-level data in major metropolitan areas has been improved, ALK said.

The latest version interfaces with all leading transportation, logistics and fleet management systems.

A significant development in the integration product portfolio is the new PC*Miler|RouteMatrix functionality in PC*Miler|Connect. PC*Miler|RouteMatrix lets users generate a matrix of distance and time information from a group of origin/destination pairs without making individual route calls, setting up individual O/D pairs, or being restricted to a single route type. This functionality gives partners and customers an efficient way to process large numbers of North American origin/destination pairs, the company said.


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