Atlas releases mobile app to track moves

Atlas Van Lines has released a mobile app to help customers track their items and professional van operators (PVOs), or for drivers to monitor and correctly inventory items.

The app allows PVOs to quickly scan the contents of a customer’s move and note the condition of each item. Pictures of an item can also be taken. An inventory list is then emailed or can be printed for the customer.

The inventory is uploaded to Atlas systems and accessed at destination to securely identify items as they are unloaded, the company said. If an item is missing upon unloading, the app will catch the discrepancy.

“With this inventory app, we can fulfill our overarching goal of transporting customers’ possessions safely and efficiently from origin to destination,” said Mike Neeley, vice president and CIO of Atlas World Group. “This app allows flexibility for the customer and can quickly eliminate the headache that comes with missing items. With the app’s numerous benefits for residential and corporate customers, we’re excited that opening the door to new technology can merge speed and efficiency with Atlas’ longstanding dedication to top-tier customer service.”

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