AT&T, WAM Technologies to collaborate on remote management system

AT&T and WAM Technologies announced they are working on a new solution for remote management of cold chain, container and other global transportation assets.

AT&T is the preferred wireless provider for WAM’s current and future tracking solutions which will be integrated with the AT&T Global SIM platform and M2M Control Center. The collaboration combines AT&T’s worldwide data connectivity for machine-to-machine applications with WAM’s expertise in GPS/GSM-enabled freight transport telematics, the companies explained.

WAM’s M2Connect platform helps companies locate, monitor and control containers and other transportation assets in real-time across the world shipping, ports and intermodal networks.

AT&T launched Global SIM in 2012 to facilitate large-scale M2M device deployment. The platform gives users a single system for connecting mobile assets in more than 200 countries, based on the global GSM standard for high-speed wireless delivery. AT&T’s M2M Control Center allows users to manage all of the SIMs in their wireless networks, including activation, activity tracking, diagnostics, invoicing and cost/usage reporting.

“This agreement solidifies and formalizes the existing relationship between WAM Technologies and AT&T,” said Parvez Mansuri, CIO at WAM. “We now have the ability to tap into AT&T’s vast resources and a clear framework is in place for joint work on future enhancements and innovations.”

“M2M technology helps to simplify processes throughout the supply chain and allows businesses to transform how they deliver shipments to customers,” said Mike Troiano, vice president, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Mobile and Business Solutions. “We work with businesses of all sizes on developing, managing and implementing the M2M solutions they need to stay competitive.”


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