Blackberry launches trailer tracking system

Blackberry launches trailer tracking system

LOUISVILLE. A new trailer and container tracking system form Blackberry Ltd. provides an end-to-end solution that includes a self-powered tracking device that runs three to four years on its integrated batteries, a full array of sensors, global wireless communications, secure cloud storage, touchscreen interface and easy integration with transportation management systems.

Announced at the Mid-America Trucking Show, Blackberry Radar uses a self-contained tracking device that can be mounted on a rear trailer door in minutes and incorporates active temperature, humidity, door and load status sensors that are polled every five minutes and broadcast data to the cloud Internet of Things (IoT) platform every 15 minutes.

All data transmitted is encrypted, and the system makes it easy to extend access permission restricted to relevant data for all participants in a supply chain, according to the company. The new asset tracking system supports a full array of APIs for integration into existing fleet and logistics management systems and also provides a simple graphic interface that makes it easy to follow specific trailers and their status, set geofences, monitor alerts and even communicate with emergency responders if necessary.

Blackberry Radar is currently in pilot testing by for-hire and private fleets, and is scheduled for general release this summer, according to Blackberry.

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