CarrierWeb displayed its incab hardware products at the TMW Transforum conference in Orlando FL Photo by Aaron Marsh

CarrierWeb displayed its in-cab hardware products at the TMW Transforum conference in Orlando, FL. (Photo by Aaron Marsh)

CarrierWeb offers Android and mobile options

New offerings better meet varying carrier needs, company says

Trucking mobile communications provider CarrierWeb is offering new mobile options based on the Android platform to complement its in-cab hardware, refrigerator and dry trailer telematics solutions.

CarrierWeb has an Android-based version of its fixed in-cab unit available and a new mobile solution that the company says extends its applications and driver workflows outside the cab onto tablets and smartphone devices.

R. Fenton-May, chairman of CarrierWeb, stated that the latest offerings give fleets "the best of both worlds: fixed telematics units to ensure delivery of mission-critical information and portable solutions to change how they manage driver workflows." The Android-based products, he noted, "extend the range of mobility for our in-cab, reefer and trailer management solutions while delivering the same driver-preferred workflow and real-time data to CarrierWeb's back office and integrated TMS offerings."

Discussing adding Android apps for drivers, Robert Kettlehake, field service manager at CarrierWeb, told Fleet Owner the company is "going to have approved applications that customers can 'unlock,' if you will, on their CarrierWeb device. If they wanted to run a load board app or an app listing truck stops, for example, the customer could load that on the [CarrierWeb] device and integrate it if they want drivers to see that. "

The new products from CarrierWeb are:

CarrierMate 7000, a version of CarrierWeb's fixed in-cab CM 5700 display unit with a dual-core processor and Android operating system. The company says the product will be integrated with other Android transportation apps as customers require them;

CarrierWeb Portable Assistant software for smartphones and tablets that allows the driver to perform out-of-cab activities including messaging and electronic vehicle inspections with data reporting to the CarrierWeb back office database; and

CarrierMate XL, an 8-in. Android tablet that mounts in the same in-cab bracket as the CM 5700 and CarrierMate 7000 fixed display unit. CarrierMate XL communicates with other onboard devices via Bluetooth connectivity through the CarrierWeb e-hub.

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