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Convoy adds instant bidding to freight-matching app

Convoy announced it has added a new feature to its freight-matching app called Instant Bidding, which lets carriers name their price for the load they want to haul. 

“Carriers understand their business better than anyone else. One of the challenges small trucking companies face is negotiating fair rates on loads, that feel like a win-win deal for both sides,” Convoy stated. “Sometimes a fixed rate doesn’t cover the cost of the load or help them keep their business profitable.”

“They may have to drive further before or after the job, adding fuel expenses, or wait longer to pick up / drop off the load, preventing them from taking other jobs,” the company continued. “The market also changes daily, with rates varying quickly based on the demand for and supply of trucks.”

With Instant Bidding, Convoy explained that carriers can submit bids on loads directly through the app with one tap, and confirm an agreed-upon rate, without having to haggle over the phone. 

How it works: 

  • Open the free Convoy app on iOS or Android device
  • Tap “Offers”
  • Tap on a load you want and review the price
  • Tap “Bid” and name the price you’d take the load for, then tap “Submit Bid”
  • The Convoy team will either accept or reject the bid. If they accept, you’ll get a notification and need to confirm to accept the load
  • Complete the load through the Convoy app

"I've taken several loads for Convoy and enjoyed every one,” according to Steve, owner-operator, Heglmeier Transportation Services. “The app has many loads posted, but if the rate is below what you can do it for profitably, just submit a bid. I've gotten several that I've bid on, even much higher than the posted rate. The risk is that another carrier could bid a lower price or take the posted rate, but we all know what we need to operate. I'll cover a Convoy load before any other broker."

More information is available on the company’s blog.

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