Donlen rolls out driver management system

Donlen has rolled out an enhanced driver management system, which is part of its FleetWeb fleet management platform. With the new solution, fleet managers will be able to manage all of their vehicle and driver information from one streamlined interface.

“Now, our customers will have an improved experience when managing driver and vehicle data independently,” said Rob Scaffidi, vice president fuel and on-road products. “Every customer is unique, and we are confident that everyone will find features that benefit their day-to-day management of driver and vehicle related data.”

Among the features are a streamlined vehicle and driver assignment process, a more intuitive ordering process, and efficient unassigned/pool vehicle management.

FleetWeb’s Business and Personal Use reporting has also been enhanced and includes a simplified date management system that ensures that driver records are accurate. Here, drivers will receive improved comprehensive reminders resulting in fewer drivers out of compliance.

Users will also see better licensing flexibility where they can indicate separate registration and taxation addresses for vehicles giving them the ability to effectively manage their IRP or apportioned plates.

“All drivers, regardless of what programs they are on can now have access to as well as our soon to be released mobile apps,” said Scaffidi. “Drivers can now access our maintenance and fuel provider maps and see fuel and maintenance history. They will also have access to their company policies as well.”

Users will also have access to a more robust client search section including searchable client data fields, and all information is divided into two easy to follow sections: one section for driver information, and another section for vehicle information.

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