Duncan & Sons adds Asset Intelligence tracking solutions to fleet

Asset Intelligence, a subsidiary of I.D. Systems and provider of wireless solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things, has expanded deployment of its VeriWise Track and Trace system with Duncan and Son Lines to help Duncan manage its fleet of intermodal container chassis, the company announced. The two companies said they entered into a five-year contract to add over 100 Track and Trace devices to Duncan's chassis fleet, increasing the total VeriWise implementation to more than 700 assets.

The Track and Trace system provides real-time asset location via GPS, cellular communications, and web-based software, the companies said. “The system installs quickly and features patented power management technology for long, maintenance-free battery life,” Asset Intelligence said. “As part of its solution for Duncan, Asset Intelligence also integrates data from the Track and Trace devices into Duncan's TMW dispatch software, to automatically generate service actions.”

The president of Duncan and Son Lines, Rick Duncan III, said: "Chassis tracking plays a key role in intermodal container management, as possession of chassis changes from container ship companies to intermodal carriers. The Track and Trace system has given us robust, reliable, cost-effective, real-time tracking of chassis location and status, which has helped us improve our fleet utilization, accelerate cargo turnaround, decrease fleet travel time, reduce fuel costs and emissions, and increase our revenue."

"We are pleased to be part of another customer success story at Duncan and Sons," said Norman Ellis, I.D. Systems' COO. "Our versatile family of VeriWise solutions in general, and the Track and Trace system in particular, provides our customers with an effective, affordable way to manage their fleets of transportation assets. We look forward to continue growing with Duncan."

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