Fuel efficiency application integrates with Qualcomm’s MCP

FuelOpps, a fuel efficiency application from Propel IT, has been integrated with Qualcomm’s Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) devices. The integration will allow FuelOpps to leverage data from Qualcomm’s Performance Monitoring application to give fleet managers and drivers a more accurate and easy-to-use view of their fuel efficiency, Propel IT said.

FuelOpps also has an optional driver incentive system, which rewards drivers for improving their efficiency rating.

“FuelOpps rates drivers based on the key factors that affect efficiency,” said Yunsu Park, Propel IT’s CTO. “FuelOpps gives all drivers in a fleet the ability to improve their rating and earn rewards, regardless of the age of the vehicle, load or climate conditions.”

FuelOpps is now available to fleets using Qualcomm’s MCP50, MCP100, MCP110 and MCP200, each of which delivers Qualcomm’s applications for fleet management. According to Propel IT, fleets using Qualcomm’s Performance Monitoring application with Fuel Manager, as well as FuelOpps, can create driver performance incentive programs that can lower turnover. The integrated solution also offers additional views of driver performance based on engine specifications, load types, geography and climate. Trucking companies have the ability to use both the ratings and rewards system, or integrate the ratings systems into their own internal incentive plan, Propel IT said.

“By collaborating with best-in-class third-party providers, such as Propel IT, we continue to expand our fleet management offerings to address emerging customer requests and needs,” said Norm Ellis, vice president of sales, services and marketing for Qualcomm Enterprise Services. “With fuel efficiency top of mind for fleet managers today, the availability of FuelOpps, as a complement to the fuel management benefits of our Performance Monitoring application, delivers helpful and actionable information to fleets to drive greater efficiency and streamline operations.”

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