KLLM Transport Services taps DAT Keypoint as TMS for freight brokerage operation

Temperature-controlled carrier KLLM Transport Services is deploying DAT Keypoint Logistics Software, a transportation management system for freight brokerages, in its growing brokerage operation.

“As a successful carrier with a long history, we understand the efficiencies that technology provides,” said Jim Richards, president and CEO of KLLM. “Our brokerage operation is a strategic part of our growth and has different needs than the carrier side of the house. We chose DAT Keypoint because it was designed specifically for brokerages, particularly its single-entry operations and capacity tools. DAT Keypoint’s broker analytics and reporting functions were also critical to our decision.”

KLLM, like many carriers, has established a brokerage to serve the needs of shippers, and create another revenue stream related to their core business.

“More and more, carriers are finding that their in-house transportation management systems don't apply when they run a brokerage. The business processes and work flows are very different,” said Don Thornton, DAT Solutions senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Carriers moving freight in this capacity benefit from a dedicated broker TMS like DAT Keypoint, which streamlines these functions, enabling them to move more loads.”

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