Luckey Logistics utilizing PeopleNet EventAlerter app

Las Vegas. Luckey Logistics is using PeopleNet’s EventAlerter application to improve safety and reduce maintenance costs. Luckey is using the iPad version. The app is also available on iPhone and Android devices.

“We are strong advocates of portable computing as a strategy for helping managers do their jobs better and more easily. PeopleNet provides ample daily and weekly reporting. However, when it comes to safety, it’s critical to know what’s happening when it happens,” said Patrick Barnwell, Luckey Logistics IT manager. “EventAlerter immediately sends all details about a critical event, so managers can take appropriate, timely action, day or night, 24/7. It’s our best bet for supporting driver and public safety. Our shop foreman also keeps an eye on these events since they affect brake and tire replacement.”

Using the PeopleNet system, users can access all relevant event data through the alert. For instance, if there were a rollover-stability or sudden-deceleration event, a satellite map of the incident is provided along with pre- and post-incident trails, all of the particulars of the incident, the identity of the driver, the driver’s available hours of service (HOS), and their past 24-hour HOS activity. The last five safety events for the driver are also displayed to help assess the emergence of a negative trend, PeopleNet said.

Luckey Logistics operates 11 terminals, four warehouses, and five rail yards in addition to managing a 160-truck fleet, half of which are owner-operators. PeopleNet is installed in all 80 company-owned trucks, which according to Barnwell, “expands our staff’s capabilities and allows us to run lean with a 15-person staff. We’re looking forward to an iPad app for fault code monitoring as well. Standard fault code reporting alone has significantly reduced jumpstarts this winter. We know that an alert app will help contain maintenance expenses.”

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