McLeod Software kicks off second benchmarking survey

McLeod Software, along with the certified public accounting firm of Katz, Sapper & Miller (KSM), has launched the 2015 Trucking Operations Performance Benchmarking Survey.

The second annual survey is designed to compile “solid and comprehensive benchmarking data,” McLeod said.

The benchmarking survey will examine several aspects that are common performance indicators for truckload carriers including:

  • People and headcount
  • Fuel consumption, expense, purchasing, and efficiency
  • Revenue miles, rates, and surcharges
  • Equipment counts and actual utilization
  • Safety profiles
  • Operating expenses

In exchange for participation in the study, each carrier will receive a copy of the final benchmarking report, to be delivered at the annual McLeod Users’ Conference taking place Oct. 4-6, 2015.

“Trucking is a highly competitive business and success hinges on the ability to improve,” said Tim Almack, partner-in-charge of KSM’s Transportation Services Group. “Companies must analyze business performance in fine detail across the entire enterprise, determine where improvements can be made, and take the actions that boost the bottom line. Benchmarking data is critical to this effort, because without it, there is no way for companies to obtain an objective view of their business practices.”

Carriers can participate in the survey in one of two ways:

  • McLeod customers currently running LoadMaster Enterprise version 10.0 or later should contact their McLeod support account manager for access to a compatible survey reporting tool.
  • McLeod customers that are currently running an older version of LoadMaster Enterprise or carriers that are not McLeod customers should contact Tim Almack at 317-580-2000 or [email protected] to obtain the survey data collection document.

“McLeod Software has developed a new report to help our customers generate the data needed to participate in this benchmark project,” said Mark Cubine, vice president of marketing for McLeod Software. “This report will run on version 10.0 or later of LoadMaster Enterprise, and it is available at no charge to McLeod customers.”

The deadline for submissions to be included in the 2015 benchmarking report is May 22, 2015.

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