Motion Computer releases new rugged tablet

Motion Computing has announced its new Motion R12 rugged platform. Designed to empower the worker who moves from the field to the vehicle to the office, the R12 platform includes a sleek and lightweight FHD 12.5 in. tablet along with a wide array of thoughtfully designed accessories including the SlateMate data acquisition module, EasyPair technology wireless keyboard and Secure Mobile vehicle dock.

All products in the R12 Platform were created by Motion to seamlessly work together for efficiency and unbeatable productivity in public safety, construction and field service, the company said.

“Over the past decade, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about what the mobile worker wants as well as what the companies they work for need,” said Cathy Thompson, CEO of Motion. “The R12 rugged platform is a result of that knowledge. Every R12 product and feature was created with a specific worker need in mind. Enterprise-ready, secure, safe and rugged, R12 was built to delight and empower the end-user while delivering investment protection & productivity gains to the business.”

While rugged and portable, the R12 also includes a desktop mount and includes a stylishly-stored wireless keyboard featuring innovative EasyPair technology. EasyPair helps avoid the often time-consuming and frustrating hassle of Bluetooth pairing by ensuring any R12 wireless keyboard automatically pairs with any R12 Tablet. 

Motion’s SlateMate data acquisition module can be configured with up to three I/O devices. For the mobile professional who performs work both inside and outside of their vehicle, like a public safety worker, Motion Secure Mobile Vehicle Dock improves driver safety as well as productivity. The dock is flexible enough to accept multiple docking configurations, such as the tablet with attached SlateMate module or the tablet in a carrying case.

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