Networkfleet adds lifecycle maintenance management

Networkfleet is adding lifecycle service management to its offerings to help fleet managers automate maintenance scheduling.

Lifecycle service management provides automatic maintenance reminders and service records that are fully integrated with Networkfleet’s GPS fleet tracking and engine diagnostic monitoring system, the company said, resulting in an elimination of time-consuming paperwork and ensuring timely maintenance.

Maintenance reminders are fully configurable and can be set based on engine hours, mileage, calendar time or any combination of these. In addition, service records that track what maintenance was performed, by whom and the date it was completed, can be created. Once this information is recorded, the maintenance reminder is reset based on the pre-established criteria.

Fleet managers can also run service record reports to track maintenance for their entire fleet. The system combines configurable reminders, service record management and Networkfleet’s engine diagnostic monitoring, which sends trouble code alerts directly from the vehicle. This gives fleet managers a complete understanding of fleet health and lifecycle maintenance management, the company pointed out.

“Years of experience working with fleets of all sizes and types have helped us create a system that simplifies fleet maintenance scheduling, enabling fleets to be more proactive and accurate in maintaining their fleets,” said Joshua Haims, executive vice president.  “Automating fleet maintenance not only keeps vehicles in service longer, it also increases safety for drivers and reduces overall repair costs.”

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