New features added to updated JPRO software

An updated aftertreatment screen is among the changes to the latest version of Noregon Systems’ JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics software. JPRO Fleet Diagnostics v5.4 is available on all new copies of the software. Current license holders with an active support agreement can update their software by going to

“It’s a fact that over 75% of heavy trucks on the road today have some type of active or redundant inactive diagnostic trouble code that requires attention,” said Greg Reimmuth, vice president of sales and marketing for JPRO Commercial Fleet Products. “Today’s ever-changing vehicles demand a sophisticated diagnostic tool that features all the latest and most detailed fault code information.”

The PC-based platform includes OEM specific data for all of today’s engines, transmissions, and chassis and body controllers for Class 2 through Class 8 vehicles. 

There are more than 28,000 detailed fault codes included to help users find and fix issues, Reimmuth said.

According to Noregon, the notable additions to the heavy duty module include:

  • Updated aftertreatment screen now includes EGR and DPF systems data
  • New Consumable Fluids screen displays the status of important fluids in the vehicle. Technicians can quickly and easily determine the status of vehicle fluids in a single, simple display
  • New Vehicle History screen allowing users to view, play, and email log files and reports
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