Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR Safety Analytics module Image: Teletrac Navman
Teletrac Navman's DIRECTOR Safety Analytics module combines dashboard cameras with GPS tracking data and event replays and delivers driver scorecards and analytics.

New integrated camera, GPS, safety analytics system from Teletrac Navman

Fleet management and GPS tracking systems provider Teletrac Navman has unveiled an integrated driver safety analytics and video monitoring system that's part of its DIRECTOR platform. The new system combines GPS tracking data and event replays, dashboard camera tech, driver scorecards and analytics.

To goal is to give fleet managers the tools they need to reduce risk and implement safe-driving practices across the fleet, according to the company. The DIRECTOR Safety Analytics module provides insight into both driver-specific and fleet-wide behavior to help fleets create a safety-focused culture, recognize and retain great drivers, and improve the insurance claims process.

"The high-level fleet benchmarking is easy to drill down into to understand how individual drivers are performing," said Daren Lauda, general manager for North America at Teletrac Navman. "Add in the integrated telematics and corresponding video footage, and fleet managers have a complete, real-life picture of safety to fuel individualized training, track progress and protect their drivers in incidents."

The system's features include:

An integrated event viewer that lets fleets view driving event replays and unsafe behaviors on Google Maps simultaneously using GPS tracking data and second-by-second video footage.

Forward-facing cameras that continuously capture HD-quality video footage, with all event recordings stored in the cloud. The footage can provide a complete picture of events and accidents as well as supporting material in insurance claims.

Driver scorecards that combine with event replay and live footage to recognize positive driver behaviors and support personalized training where necessary, tracking improvements over time.

Reports and alerts triggered by GPS tracking that let fleet managers monitor for speeding, harsh breaking, erratic cornering and other dangerous behaviors. Fleet managers can use these to set up dashboards around safety KPIs, evaluating fleet-wide and individual driver safety performance; communicate performance trends; and craft safe driving improvement plans and incentive programs, Teletrac Navman explained.

"Before, I had perceptions of how my drivers behave on the road, but now I have proof," noted customer Bonnie Lantz, director of environment, health and safety at P&B Transportation, Inc. But along with potential training needs of drivers, she added, the Teletrac Navman system also delivers evidence of their "incredible defensive driving when cars around them behave erratically." 

"Our insurance company and drivers both wanted the cameras, and I expect it will save us money and give our whole fleet a better grasp on safety," Lantz said.


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